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Black Butler

BiographyThe story of Black Butler is about a young boy named Ciel Phantomhive. When Ciel was young, his parents and his manor was destroyed in a raging fire. His end resulted in being kiddnaped by a cult and being toutured and asulted. When nothing else seemed to matter in life, Ciel called upon the only help available to him, a demon. In return, the Demon wants one thing, Ciels soul. Untill then the story consits of Ciel and his new butler demon, Sebastain to complete jobs the queen assigns to them.

Ciel PhantomhiveCiel Phantomhive is the head of the Phantomhive Manor and their Funtom company after his parents died in a tradic death. His personalites are usally grim, or very pratcial. He is the age of 13 but he acts much older than he appears. He is also the Queen Victoria's watchdog meaning he tends to the queen at any coasts. Even though Ciel has been through much, he still stays strong and doesnt focus on his parents. he looks ahead at the future.

Sebastain MichaelisSebastain Michaelis is no other than a pure demon.When Ciel Phantomhive called for help, Sebastain was there to provide for him the means of escape, and in return his soul. Sebastain is a demon none other, but he does have a human fasination with cats. His job is to preform as Ciel's butler untill the time in which he takes ciels soul.

Other informationThe Black Butler seirs went spiral! people not only in japan, but also all around the world loved the Black Butler manga. The seris has also been made into an Anime, Live action, and soon a animated movie.

Black Butler

Other informationThere are many diffrent characters and customs in this story. The races travel from Asia to India to London England. Along with the history of london, there are also many more fanstay characters like angels and death reapers.

About the StoryBlack Butler was written and drawn by Yana Toboso.The story of black butler takes place in London, England during the victorian times. It was orinally writen in Japanesse but was later translated into english. The manga of Black Butler has a total of twenty one book, and soon to be more.

By Yana Toboso


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