Black Beauty

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Black Beauty

Black Beauty By Anna Sewell

Black Beauty follows the story of a young black stallion as he learns many valuable lessons of life. Throughout his life he meets many friends and each one teaches him something new. He also, is sold over four times, and in those homes he learns the good and bad things about horses, humans and more.

Beauty and others use grit in many ways:-To over come loss and depression-To get through tough situations-To get over fears -To do what that chacter thinks is right-Continuing to fight for what they believe

General Summary


Farmer Grey

The author Anna Sewell

Black Beauty Trailer

Overall ThemeThe over all theme of this book is your actions have consiquences and rewards

GenreHistorical Fiction

Main Characters-Black Beauty: The main character, a black stallion- Farmer Grey: Beauty's first owner-Dutchess: Beauty's mother-Merrylegs: Beauty's first friend, an old gray pony-GInger: A dun mare, that soon becomes Beauty's next friend-Rory: Beauty's first friend after he is sold-Peggy: A horse that is nervous around peopleCaptain: A retired war horse

SettingLate 1800's

Setting Late 1800's England


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