[2012] Owen 3rd (Keri): Black Beard

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[2012] Owen 3rd (Keri): Black Beard

Black Beard

Sources:/travel/united-states/beaufort-north-carolina/beaufort-blackbeard-loses-ship-head-off-carolina-coast//wiki/Blackbeard/pirates/bbeard.html/od/Pirates/p/The-Death-Of- http://youtu.be/pRsESLJXxaA/wiki/Queen_Anne's_Revenge/video/22f054cd285145ce9b3b/Blackbeard

Black Beard's real name is Edward Tech.

Blackbeard's Flag

Black Beard was a famous Pirate from 1716-1718.

Black Beard's ship was the Queen Anne's revenge.

Learn about me here! When I died, my head was hung!

Funny Blackbeard death!

In 1718, Lt. Maynard killed Black Beard in an insain battle, Blackbeard took about 5 shots till he died. He died between 35-40 years old.

Black Beard marooned 25 men one time. However 2 days later, they were rescued.

Black Beard's birth was never recorded. Many sources however, say he was born in Bristol, England.

Though Blackbeard killed many people, he still had many good and famous friends.

Black Beard attacked many ships traveling from Europe. He stole passangers' belongings.

Though he was sometimes considered the King of Pirates, he wasn't the most successful.



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