Black Bear

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Black Bear

Black Bear

The black bears diet is mainly fish the fish is an important source of protein berries,grasses, and roots are all part of the black bears diet .

Black bears can live just about anywhere with a food supplie. But mostly where there are tress.

Claws- To shred the meat that it tears apart from its prey. The black bear uses to claws to fight off predators.

Sharp teeth- to catch salmon with and to chew meat. When the fish swim up stream into the bears mouth the bear bites down onto the fish to kill it.

Long nose- To pick up the smell of other animals and/or food. It also uses the nose to smell for berries. so it uses its nose to find food.

The black bear is the smallest of three bears. The black bear lives in northern america.

The average length of the black bear is 4-7 feet.

The average life span of a black bear is 10 years but out in the wild the life span is 30 years.

The black bear is found in northern part of arizona like flaggstaff.


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