Black Bear

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Black Bear

Black Bears eat fish,acorns,insects,berries,and honey

Black Bears live in the forested areas of Florida.

Vehicles,starvation,desease,old age,and other bears can cause the death of a black bear.

Florida Black Bear

Ursus americans(scientific name)

Black Bears use their sharp claws to help climb up trees for escape from predators, or to dig for food.

A Florida Black Bear has a black, furry coat of fur.They have a light brown nose and snout, and a tail that is usually covered by there fur.

Black Bears live mostly in forested areas.

Blacks Bears mate in the summer. Pregnancy akes 63-70 days of gestation. Litter size is usually 2 cubs per female.

Black Bears are very adaptable. They have a great variation of habitat types, but they usually stay in forested areas with thick ground vegatation.


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