Black Bear Diet

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Black Bear Diet

Black Bear Diet

Bears don't eat manyanimals or insects . They mostly feed on ant brood, hornet larvae, tent catepillars, march fly larvae, grubs, and snow fleas. Bears mostly eat what is avalible, although they will reject: fish, snakes, turtles, frogs, toad's, ,and salamanders. Black bears are very poor predators, that's why they eat such little meat .meat is a very small part of the diet except when fawns are born,and can finally have some meat to enjoy.

Bears love to eat berries. They mostly eat sarsaparilla,june berries,cherries, dog wood berries,blue berries,strawberries,goose berries,rasberries, and much more. But there are some common berries they don't eat like bane berries and blue beed lily berries. Efficient feeding during the fall to get food to keep them warm during the winter.

Black bears are able to eat a mouthful of mixed nuts. They distinguish foods they dislike by dropping them on the side of their mouth. They have color vision to help find berries. They have canine teeth to rip open logs and attacking young prey. They have flat molars so they can crush acorns, nuts, and vegetation. They have a good memory of where food is provided. Their claws are used to cut open delicate foods.

Berries a Critical Food

Adaptions for Obtaing Food

Animal Protein

Researchers who have accompanied black bears for a twenty four hour (one day) around Ely have found out that ant brood is a mayjor food. Black bears have toungues that are long and sticky, which are great for catching and eating ants. Ant specialists call ant larae and pupae, ant brood. Researchers have recorded that bears can sniff 200 colonies per day. Ants are the main source of food for bears in most of North America. Bear's canine teeth are a great tool for getting ants from logs and mounds.

Ant Brood an Important Food


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