Black-Backed Jackals

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Black-Backed Jackals

black backed jackals

they live for abput 10-20 years longest of the 3 types of jackalsit takes about two months for babies to be born. they live in south west Africa

food and predsthey have 3 main predators Leopords, Eagles, and Hieynasthey eat snakes, lizards, antelopes, and gazellesthey have many characteriscts like the black hair on there backs, long legs/ears, and sharp teeth they are least concerned on animal watch list they are omnivores

Jackalscience name-Canis Mesoleasthey can weigh up to 15-35lbs also they can grow 15-20inchesthey are the least built up of the 3 types of jackals but are the most dangerous of them they can run 12-16km per hour

how black-backed jackals look for food


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