[2015] Charlie Beney: Bison

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[2015] Charlie Beney: Bison

Bison When awake: They wake up at about 7:00 am and go to sleep at about 9:00 pm.Predators: Bison Predaters are wolf, human, brown bears, coyote, and grizzly bear.Diet: Bison diet is grass and low lying shrubbery.

Habitat: Bison live in river valleys, prairies, plains, serniopen grasslands, and wooded areas.Characteristics: Some Bison Characteristics are inner fine hair, outer thick hair, Bull is 6 feet high 4000 pounds, Cow is 5 feet high and 900 pounds.How it moves: Bison move by walking from place to place.

How it eats: Bison eat by chewing. How it protects itself: The Bison protects itself with its horns.Colors: Bison colors are brown, green,and black.Prey or food: Bison eat and prey on grass.Unsual Habits: Bison eat dirt and chew on their cuds.Other interesting facts: Packs of females and young males live in groups of 20 and adult males live in groups of 20.


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