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Chemical Elements

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The symbol for Bismuth is Bi. It is the chemical element of atomic number 83.


i want some... BISMUTH!

Bismuth is an element belonging into the fifth main group of the periodic system / table of chemical elements, where you will find nitrogen, phosphor, arsenic, antimony and bismuth. It is a rare and strange metall. In the frequency (rarity) charts of elements in the earths crust, it ranks number 69 of the 75 listed. Only 0.008 ppm (gramms per metric ton) of the earths crust consists of bismuth, which is less then for platinum which ranks number 68 with 0.01 ppm. Gold is rank number 71 with 0.004 ppm. This means there is only twice as much bismuth available as gold.

Bismuth is a brittle metal that can come in various colours, shapes and sizes. The origin of bismuth is still unknown, yet its current name was formed in the mid 17th century. Certain compounds of Bismuth can be used medicinally and the actual stone / element can be used for jewelery purposes. Bismuth's atomic weight is 208.9804 and its atomic radius is 150pm (pico meters). The melting point of Bismuth is 271.4 celcius yet its boiling point is an extreame 1564 celcius and its unique crystal system is trigonal shaped.

Bismuth can be used on jewelery pieces such as necklaces, rings, earrings ect. It can also be used as artwork pieces for display such as a bismyth egg.


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