Bismarckian Alliance System

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Bismarckian Alliance System

Bismarckian Alliance System

-Germany and Austria -It secured the Empire's southern borders and also used to woo the isolated Russia back into his alliance system-He wanted a general treaty of mutual assistance if attacked by a third power

-Germany, Austria-Hungary and Russia-Devised by Germany chancellor Otto Von Bismarck-Aimed at neutralising the rivalry between these countries by an agreement


-Italy joined the dual alliance -To reinforce Bismarck's ground even more, he utilised franco-italian friction over Tunies

-Formal and secret, renewed in 1884-1887-Second treaty provided that no teritorial changes should take place in the Balkans -Ausria could annex Bosnia and Hercegovina when he wished

-Germany and Russia-Secret treaty (Austria not told) to German's neutrality in case of attack by a third power-Downfall of the Bismarck System with the dual entente

1879 text here

History of the XX/ XXI Century





Dual Alliance

Triple Alliance

Second DreikaiserBund

Reinsurance Treaty

Triple Entente

-Great Britain, France, Russia-Designed against the Triple Alliance -Entente Cordiale: between France and Britain the goal was to encourage cooperation against the threat of Germany -Russia stated "moral obligation" to support each other


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