Biscayne National Park

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Biscayne National Park

Biscayne National Parkby Avery Kantor

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Biscayne became a national monument in 1968.It became a national park in 1974

One of Biscayne's beautiful beaches

The West Indian Manatee

Biscayne is located in sight of downtown Miami.

At Biscanye you can:Go on a boat tourRent a canoe or kayakScuba diveSnorkelWild Life watchingHike the length of Elliot- KeyStroll down the Jetty Trail

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There is only one mile of paved road at Biscayne!

There is 172,971 acres at Biscayne, and 95% of that is water.

Biscayne protects a rare combination of aquamarine waters, emerald islands, and fish bejewled coral reefs.

The Least Tern

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