Birthplace of the Industrial Revolution

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Birthplace of the Industrial Revolution

Industrial Revolution Powerpoint

Birthplace of the industrial revolution.

Industrial revolution website.

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OBNXS Tourism Co.

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Nicolas Appert - Born, November 17, 1749. Died June 1, 1841. Invented the preservation process so that soldiers could contain food for a longer period.

Canned food - The invention of canned food revolutionized the way food was preserved. Invented by Nicolas Appert

SteamBoat - The first steam-powered ship was built in France in 1783, by Marquis, Claude de Jouffroy.

Maequis, Claude de Jouffrey - born september 30th 1751 in Paris France. He was a French inventor/ innovator.

Stephenson's steam powered train - Stephenson used the steam engine to create a steam powered train, which would eventually allow increased communication and trade between places before deemed too far. Soon, the steam-powered train had become an icon of success throughout the world, invented in Great Britain.

The industrial revolution changed the way the world manufactured things and was the beginning to many more inventions and innovations. It occured from 1760 - 1830. It changed the way the world traveled and the way war was fought. Come on this tour and see the places where it started and examine history!

George Stephenson - Worked as a coal picker, getting impurities from the coal loaded onto wagons. He thought the way that coal was transported was ineffiecient so he worked on a new way. Born June 9, 1781.

The Bessemer process - Was the first inexpensive industrial process for the mass-production of steel from molten pig iron prior to the open hearth furnace. The process is named after its inventor, Henry Bessemer an Englsh engineer , who took out a patent on the process in 1855.

Henry Bessemer - Born January 19th 1813 was a English engineer. Invented many other things including bronze powder and gold paint. Died March 15th 1898.

This tour will cost 600$ USD a day. Adding to a total of 3,000$ USD for the five day tour.

This tour starts on March 25th 2014 in London, England. The first day will show infastructure that came about from the industrial revolution including structures such as the battersea power station.

March 26th we will visit Birmingham, England. We will view the architecture here.

Next on the 27th we will visit Leicester, England. Here, we will see the Great Central Railway built during the industrial revolution to transport coal and other raw materials.

Next on the 28th we will go to St Albans, England. This city was built during the industrial revolution (1974) so the infastructure is almost all from that time period, so the buildings mark a spot in time.

The 29th we will visit Manchester, England. This city is the supposed starting place of the industrial revolution. It is the birthplace of many companies and is the birthplace of factory production.

(London, March 25th)

(Birmingham, March 26th)

(Leicester, March 27th)

(Alban, March 28th)

(Manchester, March 29th)


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