Birth and Naming Ritual

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Birth and Naming Ritual

At Manataka, the Naming Ceremony is the culmination of the person’s quest for their spirit name. The individual requesting a name is instructed to create a gift for the Rainbow Woman who is the Spirit of Manataka Mountain. During the creation of this gift, the person must pray for their name. The gift is then given to one of the elders at Manataka and is placed on a table for this purpose.

By Marco, Arvin, and Karl

Birth & Naming Ritual

- Bring the family and members of the tribe to gather around a fire- The reciever of the ritual gives tobacco to the person doing the naming.- The next step then is to bless the ritual and say the native prayers.- The last step of the ritual is to announce the name to the person who was blessed during the cermony.

Ritual Type

The Birth and Naming Ritual is a Life-cycle ritual and is one of the rituals that happens in everyones life.

What is practiced during the ritual

Aboriginal birth and naming rituals are practiced by the first nations people but mainly by the metis. The names given to the aboriginals are called spirit names and they are referred to as their Indian names. The person's spirit name tells you something about their life and the purpose they have on the earth. According to Lakota tradition, the Naming Ceremony was one of the Seven Sacred Ceremonies given by White Buffalo Woman. The importance that is attached to one’s name is universal and is very close to the person who posses that name.

Where/When/Who is it practiced by

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Naming ceremonies is a way to introduce a person to the creator. The creator will name this person and this name usually reflects a certain trait or strength in that person . If a person is requesting to receive a name then he must give a gift of tobacco to the person he is requesting it from. This shows that the ritual is very important because the giving of tobacco represents “heart to heart”, which shows you respect the person. The naming ceremony is very important because it gives each person its own identity. For example since everyone will have different traits and strengths, each person will have their own unique name. This is a very sacred ritual and you can only receive it if you are a Native American or formally adopted into a First Nation family.

Significance of Ritual


What is used during the Ritual


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