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Birds on the Bayou!

Birds on the BayouGLEs Grade Level: 936. Locate, analyze, and synthesize information from a variety of grade-appropriate resources, including: •multiple printed texts (e.g., encyclopedias, atlases, library catalogs, specialized dictionaries, almanacs, technical encyclopedias, and periodicals)•electronic sources (e.g., Web sites, databases)•other media sources (e.g., community and government data, television and radio resources, and other audio and visual materials) (ELA-5-H2) 37. Analyze the usefulness and accuracy of sources by determining their validity (e.g., authority, accuracy, objectivity, publication date, and coverage) (ELA-5-H2)

Student Objectives/Learning Outcomes 1. Students will have an extended vocabulary of character trait words and meanings which they can use correctly in sentences and relate to in real-life situations.2. The student will complete a power point presentation of an assigned Olympic personality from the past or present and indicate positive character traits of this athlete.3. Students will successfully develop a photo-story presentation about any choice of the Olympics, such as Olympic symbols, the history of the Olympics, Olympic mascots, etc. 4. Upon completion of the Olympic unit of study, students will have a working knowledge of the Olympics and various Olympic athletes.



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