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.puffins are skilled hunters..A puffin's beak glows under a blue light.Puffins make cozy homes.There are four different species of a puffin there are the Atlantic puffin,Horned puffin,Tufted puffin and the Rhinoceros Auklet.

As a sea bird, a puffin spends most of it's time swimming,and feeding.Puffins live on the open ocean ,60'/. of the worlds puffins often select rocky cliffs to build their nests .Which they line with feathers and grass.

Birds have been around 60 million years.Two scientist discovered that there are about 200 to 400 billion individual birds

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Puffins are carnivores.Puffins choose to eat lots and lots of fish,they eat sand eels,herring,Hake and capelin.In the winter puffins eat crusta ceans. Some puffins dive hundreds of feet down under the water in pursit of prey.


A puffin has an amazing beak, a puffins beak is orange,black, and a little bit of white between the too.A puffin has a white stomach and a black back.The front of a puffins head is white and the back is black.Puffins feet are bright orange like it's beak.The average height of a puffin is 18cm tall. Most puffins live up to 20 years old.The  oldest puffin known is 36 years old.The average weight is 500 grams.



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