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Life Science

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Birds:- have feathers and wings- that fly have bones that are either hollow or spongy/strutted- lay eggs- have 2 legs- have earholes instead of ears- are warm blooded

Butcher Bird

Facts about Birds - There are 30 groups of birds.- The largest bird is an ostrichThe smallest bird is the hummingbird- Many birds migrate to cooler climates to breed during spring and summer, then return to warmer climates for winter- Birds do not have teeth- In Australia there are 770 species of birds - The most common bird on the planet is the Chicken. - A bird's feathers weigh more than its skeleton does.Sight is the most important of all the bird's senses.

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Birds evolved from small meat-eating dinosaurs around 150 million years ago.

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Rainbow Lorikeet

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Bird Diagram

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