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The Birds Song by Natalie S.

As I lay in my bedThe black night surrounds meAnd wraps me in its armsNo matter how hard I try to release myselfNothing happensWhen I close my eyes more darkness awaits meAnd even though I wait patientlyMy dreams don’t come to rescue meThe safety of the covers seem weakAgainst the shadows that lurk around the roomAnd as the clock flashes 3:30I become irritatedAnd worried about how my day will be affectedAs hard as I try to let my mind wanderSomething inside me fights backIts now 3:59 And silence becomes a predatorThat is so eerie that I find myself wishing for some kind of noiseThat’s when it happenedAt 4:00As if God had answered my prayersThe sun starts to riseAnd a sweet chirping twirls through the airIt was like all the birds in the world started singingEach of them singing a song from their soulThey were singing for the new morningThey were singing for life

31 December 2009 McGee-zine Staff

The Birds Song

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