Bird of Paradise

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Bird of Paradise

EnvironmentRequires full sun but light shade for extremely hot temperatures. Must be in an environment with rich soil. Bird of paradise needs to be lightly misted and have moist soil. (Next to a beach is a great environment for this flower)

Adaptions* This flowers bright colors (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue) attract birds* Birds perch on the Bird of Paradise plant and drink the nectar. the petals open up from the weight of the bird and the pollen sticks to the birds feet then transfer to other flowers when the bird perches again. * This flower reproduces by the birds transporting the pollen to other flowers. * Tough structure can survive extreme weather conditions

Bird of Paradise(Strelitzia Reginae)

Pollination Process

Conservational status:Bird of Paradise is currently not a threatened species.Common uses:This flower is strictly an ornamental species.

•Birds of Paradise is the official flower of Los Angeles, California, where the majority of these flowers are grown in North America.

This is what it looks like!

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