[2015] Matthew Albert Nguyen Gu (1st Life Science 2015): Bird Evolution

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[2015] Matthew Albert Nguyen Gu (1st Life Science 2015): Bird Evolution

How did they evolve air sacs?

Birds evolved the same enterior and posterior air sacs as the dinosaurs. The birds developed the same respiratory system as a dinosaur, it had a respitory system with air sacs and continuous flow.

The archaeopteryx is considered the first bird but scientists argue that it isn't the ancestor of all birds. It is not a true ancestor of birds but a close relative. They say that because the archaeopteryx is just an example on how birds emerged from dinosaurs.

What features did the archaeopteryx have?

How did dinos contribute to the evolution of birds?

Was the archaeopteryx the ancestor of all birds?

Birds evolved many parts the dinosaurs once had. For example they evolved a pubis and a straplike scapula. A specific dinosaur called the Theropod contributed to the evolution the most. Small theropod dinosaurs had small feathers and had color patterns like the birds.

The archaeopteryx had a full set of teeth, a flat sternum, and 3 claws on each wing. It also has modern bird charcteristics which are the feathers,wings,and a furcula.

Fun Facts

• Dinosaurs have been gradually evolving avian traits almost as soon as when dinosaurs appeared on earth• Birds are catergorized in the bilogical class of aves.• There are only 8 preserved archaeopteryx fossils in the world•The archaeopteryx had features of a bird and reptile


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