Bipolar Disorder

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Bipolar Disorder

The mood swings can occur a few times a year or several times a day. For some, depression and mania may exist at the same time. This disorder can be controlled with medications and counselling.

There are more than 3 million cases per year. It can last for years (chronic).Bipolar disorder requires a medical diagnosis, does not require lab tests/imaging

Bipolar Disorder"Manic Depression"

SymptomsMood: Loss of interest, apprehension, general discontent, hopelessness, anger, elevated mood, guilt, apathy, inability to feel pleasure, euphoria or sadness. Behavioral: Hyperactivity, self-harm, riskey behavior, irritability, aggression, agitation, crying, impulsivity.Cognative: Lack of concentration, unwanted thoughts, false belief of superiority, delusion, racing thoughts or slowness in activity and thought.Psychological: Agitated depression, paranoia, anxiety,manic episode or depressionSleep: Difficulty falling asleep or excess sleepinessWeight: weight loss or weight gain

Specialists~ Psychiatrist: Treats mental disorders.~(PCP) Primary Care Provider: Prevents, diagnoses, and treats disorder.~Clinical Psychologist: Treats disorder.

Also common Treatments:~Lifestyle: *Psychoeducation~Therapies: *Psychotherapy, *Support group, *Family therapy, *Cognitive behavioral therapy~Other treatments: *Anticonvulsant, *Hospitalization

Possible Prescriptions:~Prozac~Seroquel~Lithium~Trileptal~Abilify~Lamicital~Tegretol~Riperdal~Zyprexa~Geodon~Topamax


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