Bipolar Disorder

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Bipolar Disorder

In a given year, bipolar disorder affects about 5.7 million American adults. That's about 2.6% of the U.S. population 18 and older.(according to the National Institute of Mental Health.)


What's the cause?The cause can be Biological differences,Neurotransmitters, and even Inherited traits. So generally nothing that you do can cause it.

Symptoms:They are often depended on the type of episode you are having. Such as a Manic or Depressive Episode.

Bipolar Disorder

Manic Episode:A long period of feeling "high," or an overly happy or outgoing and extreme irritability

Depressive Episode:An overly long period of feeling sad or hopelessand loss of interest in activities once enjoyed

Some Famous People with Bipolar Disorder:Demi LovatoMarilyn MonroeVincent van GoghCarrie FisherRobert Downey Jr.Edgar Allen Poe

"I felt relieved when I found out. Like I'm not completely crazy; there's a medical reason for all of it."-Demi Lovato


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