Bipolar Disorder

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Bipolar Disorder


Formerly called manic depression, is a mental illness that brings severe high and low moods and changes in sleep, energy, thinking, and behavior.



Psychotherapy or "talk therapy".

Medication is the main treatment.

Trouble making decisions.

Rapid speech and poor concentration.

Sudden changes from being joyful to being irritable, angry, and hostile.

Needing more sleep or thoughts of death or suicide.

Needs ongoing care for worser symptoms

A talk with your doctor about your concerns or choices.

Biochemical causes/changes- A life event may trigger a mood episode in a person with a genetic disposition for bipolar disorder.- A super fast biological clock may disrupt the sleep-wake cycle, have been linked to triggering symptoms of bipolar depression and bipolar mania.

STATISTICS-Affects approximately 5.7 million adult Americans, or about 2.6% of the U.S population ages 18 and older every year.-When one parent has bipolar disorder, the risk to each child is 15-30%. When both parents have the disorder the risk will increase by up to 50-70%.As stated by the National Institute of Mental Health.

Fact: therapy and help strategies also play important roles. You can help control your symptoms by exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, eating right, keeping stress to a minimum, and surrounding yourself with supportive people.

Perspective of a doctor:"For a person with bipolar disorder the barometer of life will at times seem to fall from a temperate normal mood, to the bleak chill of depression".As said by Glenn Brynes, Ph.D., M.D

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