Bipolar Disorder

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Bipolar Disorder


What is Bipolar Disorder?


A chronic reoccurring condition, in which a person has periods of extreme happiness or periods of extreme depression and sometimes irritation. Usually starts in patients between ages 15-25, and it affects both men and women. Bipolar is not easily detected, and those affected might suffer for years before being properly diagnosed. With proper care and correct medication, we can take control of our lives.

Bipolar disorder is linked to our genetics and tends to run in the familly. Environmental factors, such as season changes may lead to depression Bipolar disorder may occur as a result of neurological condition or injury Life events and interpersonal relationships can trigger bipolar mood episodes as well

Manic Episode-Feeling extremely happy -Poor judgment -Risky behavior -Rapid thoughts and speech, which is often difficult for other to follow -Reduced sleep and irritability


Depressive Episode-Overwhelming sadness -Poor concentration -Loss of appetite -Feeling of hopelessness -Possible thoughts and chances of suicide


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