Biopolar I Disorder

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Biopolar I Disorder

I should note that I found that the DSM-5 lumped all five axises into one big axis called "diognistic ctyteria." This made it incredably difficult to find and seperate the specifics for each axis. In the end I used the highschool textbook.





Biopolar I Disorder

Cycles of manic and depresion episodes. Thay do not have to ocur at regular intervals.

Axis 1 : Mood DisorderAxis 2 : Learning disabilities when in a manic or depressive episode.Axis 3 : An imbalance of serotonin in the brainAxis 4 : Bipolar is mostly a caused by a biological and not an enviermental problem. In this case the brain that regulates serotonin, witch can be helped by releving stress, but not cured .Axis 5 : Social relationships and occupational relationships will be stressed by this disorder especially when a person is having a manic or depressive episode. Leisure time will also be affected by having the person affected not doing a hobby they like.

Sources: P.123-132 Psychology 16.1 P.6-8 (Online text book)

Bipolar symptoms usually appear during the late adolescent years, but they can emerge at any time from early childhood to your 50s. After a person's first manic episode it is very likely that episodes will increase with time. Medication is effective way to keep mood swings in check if used consistently throughout the person's life.

Neurotransmitters don't function correctlyNoradrenaline and serotonin are not regulated correctly in the brainGenetics, If a person's parent has Bipolar disorder they are more likely to have Bipolar disorder to.


Demi Lovato has Bipolar disorder

By: Owen Blair


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