Biometric Devices

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Biometric Devices

Hand Geometry System

Measures the shape and size of a person's hand

Captures curves and indentations of a fingerprint. These today, are used on your mobile device. It's another option instead of using a passcode

Captures a live face image and compares it with a stored image to determine if the person is legitimate user.

Compares a person's live speech with their stored voice pattern

Voice Verification System

Face Recognition system

Fingerprint Reader

Biometric DevicesTips to be online safe

1) Make sure you're claiming your identiity on social media before someone else does!

2) Live the reputation you want to see online!

3) Monitor the web for negative comments and address them directly!

Signature Verification SystemShape of your handwritten signature , as well as measures the pressure exerted and the motion use to write the siganature


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