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Human Anatomy

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Biomedical Technology

"A slice of 3D-printed liver offers the promise of speeding up the discovery of new drugs and paving the way toward eventually growing a full-size, transplantable liver"(Hsu,2013. p1. para1).

It is predicted by scintist that in2025 there will be a shorter waiting period for organ transplants. Biomedical Engineers are on their way to growing human organs. They are already growing human blood vessels, wind pipes and blatters for transplanting. The idea of transplanting blood vessels has been around since World War 1. At that time they were made from glass and aluminum, and today they are being grown from the patients own blood stem cells in a labratory. Surgeon Anthony Atala is experimenting with a 3D printer which will use living cells instead of ink to print a transplantable kidney. This procedure will hopefully will help solve the organ doner transplant problems of long waiting list and not enough organs available. Will this solve the problem? These procedures will be very expensive; therefore, they will only be affordable to the rich. The average person will still have to wait on that long waiting list.

Bio-Medical Technology2025

Future: This 3d printed kidneyis the base for growing stem-cells around in order to grow a actual kidney for transplant.Present: Scientist are growing stem cells, blood vessels, wind pipes, muscles and blatters for transplanting. People on long waiting list for kidney, liver & heart transplants.Past: Many patients have died waiting for transplants


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Cirrhosis of the liver

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