[2015] Bailey Gabbart: Biomedical Engineering

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[2015] Bailey Gabbart: Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineers work in offices, in nature, and in labs. Their salery that these engineers make is $89,960. The responsibilites that they have is http://www.cmbes.ca/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=64&Itemid=117. In the future biomedical engineering is to protect 27% of the growth from the year of 2012 to 2022, this is faster then the average of all occupations. Biomedical has different combimations such as engineering methods or medical/ biological reasearch, the mininmum is a bachlor's degree

What impact do you think this emgineering career will have in the future?The impact that a biomedical engineer will have in the future is that the paralized people could walk again.

Do you think you'd want to pursue in a career in engineering? why or why not.... I think i would because I like to help people and building things to seems cool.


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