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Biomedical Engineer


What Degree?

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My Interest

I am interested in becoming a biomedical engineer for NASA because of the oppurtunity to problem solve and incorporate the awe-inspiring mechanics of the human body in a way allowing for designing and engineering skills to be used an enviroment involving aerospace studies. I have the desire to help people in any way I can, especially those risking their lives for the goal of space exploration.

To be a biomedical engineer for NASA, you need at leas a Bachelors of Science in BIomedical Engineering. Biomedical engineering requires biology, chemisty, math, and a basic understending of all engineering principles.

-Moniter the health of astronauts-Design medical equipment for the use in space as well as hospitals-Solve space related health problems-Research space enviromental factors on the human body-Evaluate the safety of medical equipment


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