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Biome Collage

The Artic Wolf has a thick coat to protect it's skin from the ➜ cold.The Calliergon Giganteum adapts to the cold climate by storing nutrients when it isn't growng so leaves can be made next spring. ➜


Taranturals can feel the vibrations in the ground, which helps when dealing with predators. ➜The Globe Mallow has tiny leaf hairs that are used to discourage herbivores from eating it. ➜


The Snowshoe rabbit has fur on the bottom of it's feet to give it traction in the snow. ➜When the Caribou Moss has no water available to it, it simply dries out and goes dormant. Even after long ➜ periods of dormancy, it can still grow again.


Chimpanzees have adapted by building their nests very high in trees. ➜ The Bengal Bamboo's adaptation is that it grows very fast in order to obtain more rain and sunlight. ➜

Biome Collageby Sammy Taliercio

Tropical Rain Forest


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