Biomass Waste

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Biomass Waste

Biomass: animal waste

process in makeing biomass

As a renewable energy source, biomass can either be used directly, or indirectly. Once its converted into another type of energy product such as biofuel. Biomass can be converted to energy in three ways thermal conversion, chemical conversion, and biochemical conversion.

I desbribe the types of biomass

Biomass has been used as early as 1823 by the people moveing west to the oregon trail.They would use buffalo chips (very dry buffalo poop with no cholera) to start fires and cook meat.

This video shows the new technology to make waste more compactable so it will burn at a higher and faster rate to produce more energgy

The Chart showes that biomass watse in not as prevalent as landfillgas or wood gas

This chart shows that Europe,China, and North america use the most biomass

Advantages of biomass:It's renewable and it does come in large quantities.

Disadvantages of biomass:Exspensive takes a lot of money to extract and it requires space to put it.

this map shows how much biomass recources are used in the U.S



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