Biomass Energy

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Biomass Energy



Some pros are that biomass energy is renewable and is carbon neutral. Biomass is in the carbon cycle which is when the carbon in the atmosphere is absorbed into organisms until they decay and then it starts all over. Biomass Energy is also very abundant. It can be found in alot of places.

Some cons are that biomass energy is expensive. It also needs a lot of space for all the different process it has to do to harness the energy. It also produces pollution. Additional work will be added because somebody needs to harvest all the crops to burn. Biomass energy also releases methane gases which is very harmful to the ozone layer.

What is it

Biomass is organic materials that come from plants and animals. It is when plants or animals absorbs the Sun's energy called photosynthesis. The chemical energy is than released when it is burned.

How It Works

Their are two ways to make energy from biomass. When using plant wastes they burn it to make water turn into steam which turns a turbine then spins a generator to make electricity. When using animal wastes you would put it in a big tank called a digestor where inside their is bacteria which eats the waste and turns it into methane gas. The methane gas heats the water to make steam to make electricity.

Where It's Found

Fuels for this energy can be found everywhere. It is very abundant because biomass is decomposed plants and animals. You can find plants, animals, and its waste all around you.


1. Landfill Gases 2. Sewage 3. Crops


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