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Nearest relative

How and what do they eat?

Where do they live and what is their habitat?

Parrotfish ProjectBy: Hannah Van.

Cool video about Parrotfish!

What are they?Parrotfish are colorful fish that were not named for their colorful body, but for the shape of there jaw and teeth. Their teeth are so tightly fitted on the surface of their mouth, that it makes them look like they have a parrot's beak.

Parrotfish are Omnivores in which they only eat algae. Can you believe it? their teeth tear through hard rock and coral just for some algae!

Parrotfish live around the tropics and marine coastal waters. This means places in the Western Atlantic like Bermuda, Bahamas, and Northern parts of S. America.

Parrotfish are close relatives to the Wrasse fish. These fish also live in the Atlantic like the Parrotfish.

Kingdom: Animalia(animal)Phylum: Chordata(have dorsal nerve chord)Class: Osteichthyes(have bones, not cartilage)Order: Perciformes(vertabrate)Family: Scaridae(parrotfish)Genus: Scarus(mediterranean foodfish, parrotfish)Species: Vetula (type of parrotfish, blue parrotfish)

What's their Kingdom and Taxonomic Clssification?