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Biology tissues project

Tissues Project

Scar creams

Three of the best scar creams are Mederma Advanced Scar Gel, Body Merry Stretch Marks and Scars Defense Cream and, the Instanatural Scar Gel Cream. The Instanatural gel has epidermal growth factor,gotu kola,green tea,sea kelp,fucoxanthin and astaxanthin. It costs $29.95 and has a five star rating. The body Merry has cocoa butter, shea butter,seed oil, avocado oil, Vitamen E etc. It costs $17.99 and has a 4 and a half star rating. The Mederma ingredients include active allantoin 0.5%, purified water,Alcohol, sorbic Acid, bulb extract etc. The cost of it is $14.50. It has a 4 star rating. Over all the Mederma is is the cheapest abd the Instanatural gel is the most expensive. It also has the highest rating. The one with the lowest ratings is the body merry. The insta natural gel seems to be the best because it has more natural products like green tea and sea kelp, while the Mederma one has acids and alcholes. The Body Merry one has some good ingridents too but,there are too many. Some active ingredients in scar creams are Allium cepa,bioflavonoid, antinistamine and antiproliferative. Some may actually give you good results but,you can't completly get rid of them. The sucess rates are very high.


The tissue that makes scars is called the Dermis which is the pink middle section of the skin. Scars are made when the Dermis is damaged The first thing that happeneds is the wound starts to bleed. The reason for this is so that it can clot and seal it. Next the body sends fibroblasts which is a cell that helps rebuild skin tissue. They then breakdown the clot and replace it with protien that creates the scar. Scars are not entirely permanent but, there is no real way that you can completly get rid of them.

Scars over time tend to turn white but, people with darker skin that have scars may get darker over time. The tissue of scars are also not as flexible as the normal skin and does not have a normal blood supply hair.

Some other things that are in the creams are silicone, Vitamen E and Alpha hydroxlacids.

What else is in Scar creams

Special Facts

Epithelial:These tissues functions include protection,secretion,absorption,excretion,filltiration,diffusion and sensory recption. They are located throughout the body. They are in the glandular tissue, kidney tubules, stomach and etc. They also come in different shapes.Connective:These tissues functions are to bind structures together, form a framework to support the organs,body,store fat,transport substances, protect against disease and help repair tissue damage. They are also able to reproduce. They can be found in your organs,bones and blood vessels. They can also help store energy.Muscular:This tissue is made up of cells that allows the tissue to produce movment for all body parts. They are also fully supplied with blood because they are so cellular. They can be found in your arm muscles and legs. They are also sometimes called muscle fibers. They are also very long in shape.Nervous:These tissues can be found in the brain,spinal cord and nerves. There functions are to coordinate and control many of the bodys activites. These tissues are able to communicate to each other through electical impulses. They also pay a major role in emotions and memory. The impulses that they create to communicate are called neurons.

Types of Tissues


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