Biology The Cell

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Biology The Cell

Contains and protects the cell's gentic informationthe nucleusis like a brain because it stores all the information.


Sorts through the information and sends it off. A mail person sorting mail is like the golgi body because they both sort the information and ships it.

The cytoplasm holds all of the organelles. Glue is like cytoplasm because it holds things together.

Supports and forms shape.Crutches are like cytoskeleton because crutches hold you up when you are injured like a cytoskeleton holds the cells structure.

DNA and RNA form their structure. A coalmine is like the nucleolus because that is where the raw materials come from to make other, more complex things.

Contols what enter and leaves the cell.A gate is like the cell membrane because the gate also controls what enters and leaves.

Pull chromosomes apart. A tooth extractor is like the centrioles because it pulls the tooth away from the gum and seperates it.

Used in RNA translation and protein sythisis. Factory workers are like ribosomes because they make the product like ribosomes make proteins.

Where the cell stores extra things. A storage unit is like a small vacuole because when you have too many things it is an extra place to store it.

Smooth ER helps detox the cell. The hazmat team kill all the harmful chemicals.





Golgi Body

cell membrane

Rough ER

small vacuole


smooth ER


Rough ER contains the ribosomes. A factory is like the rough ER because it gives all of the workers a place to work, like the rough ER gives the ribosomes a place to work.

Digestive enzymes. A stomach is like lysosomes because when you eat food it helps to digest it like lysosomes digest enzymes.

Turns glygogen into ATP.Windmills are like mitochondria because they capture the energy from the wind and convert it.