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MomentumMomentum is the force of the speed of an object. It is not a form of energy. Momentum is effected by both mass and speed meaning the more mass or speed/velocity an object has the more momentum it has. For example if a watermelon and an apple were dropped from the same point the watermelon would be harder to stop as it has a large mass and therefore built up more momentum. The equation for figuring out momentum is MOMENTUM=MASSxVELOCITY. The other important part of momentum is the law of conservation of momentum which is defined as- for an isolated system,the total momentum doesn't change during a collision. This means that in a collision momentum can go from one object to another but the total amount of the momentum stays the same.

WorkWork is what happens when something is moved or rearranged. The larger the force or the greater the distance the more work is 'done' Because work is a scalar quantity it doesn't require any direction. The equation for figuring out work is WORK=FORCE APPLIEDxDISTANCE MOVED. The unit work is measured in is joules [J]

Distance and Displacement

Energy Energy is the capacity to do work. Energy exists in many different forms such as kinetic, heat, potential, elastic, chemical, elastic and nuclear. The law surrounding enemies called the law of conservation of energy and it states that whenever energy is converted from one form into other forms, the total energy of the system remains constant as Energy cannot be created or destroyed. This basically means the amount of energy is always the same it just changes forms because you can't make or destroy energy.


Newtons First Law. This law is often referred to as the law of inertia. It is stated that an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and velocity unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. For example when a car breaks suddenly and you go flying forwards it is because you are in motion and you only stop when the unbalanced force, in this case a seatbelt acts upon your motion to stop you.

Newtons Second Law. This law states that acceleration is produced when a force acts on mass. The greater the mass of an object the greater the amount of force required to move the object. Basically the heavier something is the harder it is to move. The exact relationship between these is Force = Mass x Acceleration

Newtons Third Law. This law states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. An example of this is when you fire a bullet from a riffle. A pair of equal force act on this. One force sends the bullet flying and the equal and opposite force send the riffle backwards (kickback)


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