Biological Warfare

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Biological Warfare

The first recorded use goes as far back as the Romans using cropses to poison enemy wells. Throughout history people have catapulted plagued corpses over castle walls, distributed diseased blankets, spread crop destroying parasites, and dropped gas filled- bombs.

1. Make sure you have had your vaccinations2. Stay informed3. Keep some supplies at home4. Wear a respirator/ gas mask

Biological WarfareBy Ivan K. Will F. Dennis B. Ben M. Alex A.

Tie-InThis relates to our classroom curriculum because we have studied bacteria, microorganisms, and various diseases. Biological weapons are diseases, bacteria, and microorganisms.

Buy-InBiological warfare is important to us today, because it is used in modern day warfare and we could be injured by it, so we should know what it is, what it looks like, and how to protect ourselves from it.

Biological Warfare:The use of toxins of biological origin or microorganisms as weapons of war.

A Brief History

How to Protect Yourself

Rice Blast: a fungus (from kingdom protista) that causes a serious disease affecting rice. It can be used to starve populations during war and it annually destroys crops that could have fed 60 million people.Anthrax: a deadly bacteria which which infects and kills with toxins. It was once mailed to U.S. government officials. 5 died, 22 were infected.Botulinum Toxin: a tasteless, odorless airborne bacteria. When inhaled, symptoms such as blurred vision and vomiting appear only 12 hours later. It then begins to cause parlysis and eventually death. Other examples are plague, smallpox, nipah virus, chimera viruses, and corpses.

Examples/ Uses of Biological Weapons

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