Biological Pychology

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Biological Pychology

Biological Psychology

Rene Descartes: Used Models to explain behavior. eg. thought the pineal gland connected mind and body.

William James: First American psychology teacher, argued that human behavior could be understood through biology.

Karl von Frisch: Studied the biology of honey bees and discovered their method of communication through movement.

Nikolaas Tinbergen: Studied instinct based on reaction to stimulus, and further studied the evolutionary and adaptive advantages of said reactions

Roger Wolcott Sperry: Studied how the rearranging of nerves affected the behavior of animals. He found that the mind cannot compensate for a neurological problem. It has to be fixed.

Biology: The study of life and living organisims

Dopamaine: Helps send chemical signals Serotonin: Makes you feel happy and regulates moods

Limbic System: A group of glands that controls hormones and emotions

NOREPINEPHRINEThe chemical that makes you able to concentrate on things specfically

Frontal Lobe: Controls thought, problem solving, intellect and judgement

Pareital Lobe: Controls comprehension, language and reading skills, and sensory comprehension

Cerebellum: Controls posture, balance, and coordination

Lithium: Drug used to help regulate mood. treats bipolar disorder and depression

Alprazolam: Drug used to treat panic disorder and anxiety

Biological Psycology explains the courses of human behavior throught the study of the brain and the chemicals that allow the body to function.

The Brain Games: The Trust Game

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