Biological Explanations

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Biological Explanations

The genetic explanation claims that schizophrenia is heritable: individuals are born with a biological predisposition to develop schizophrenia due to genetic abnormalities.

Genetic explanations

Brain abnormalities(5:54)

Dopamine (D2) hypothesis: An abnormally high number of D2 receptors on the receiving neuron mean the neuron is more activated by dopamine. Believed to cause symptoms in schizophrenics. Since dopamine is involved in controlling our movements, memory, attention, problem-solving and is involved in giving us feelings of enjoyment and reinforcement (drive and motivation to do things) this would explain many of the characteristics experienced by schizophrenics such as thought disturbances, delusions and catatonia.

Biological explanations (AO1)

Biochemical explanation

There are enlarged lateral ventricles (liquid filled cavities) in patients with schizophrenia compared to those without it. In addition, some research suggests that schizophrenics have lower activity in the prefrontal cortex (which explains disorded and illogical thinking).


Recent evidence has suggested that schizophrenia could be due to the brain's immune system functioning being hyperactive. Microglia, a type of cell which combats infection and rids of unwanted synaptic connections in the brain, leaving it wired incorrectly. This causes the abnormal psychological experiences and functioning that is seen in schizophrenia.

Immune system hyperactivity