biojournal part 1

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biojournal part 1

Human reproductive system-Sexually transmitted diseases/infections(STD/I)

Common type #2: SyphilisInformation:What:A type of spiral bacteria.How:Through sexual intercourse and from mother to baby.Symptoms: Early stage syphilis-Painless sores on private parts or mouth-Non-itchy skin rashesAdvanced stage syphilis-Deformed joints-paralysis-Insanity-Foetus infection from mother-DeathTreatment:Antiboitics at early stage

Common type #1: Gonorrhoea.Information:What:A type of spherical bacteria.How:Through sexual intercourse and from mother to baby.Symptoms: Pain during urination,infection of urethra/fallopian tubes which may lead to possible infertility,ectopic pregnancy and infection of newborn's eyesTreatment:Antiboitics,but some are resistant

Sexually transmitted eiseases/infections(STDs/STIs) are diseases usually transmiited through sex or sexual play.

Common type #3(and MOST DEADLY): AIDS(Acuquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome)Information:What:Human Immunodeficiency Virus(note "Virus")How:Through sexual intercourse,infected needles,transfusion of infected blood and from mother to child through pregnancy(now THAT's a scary thought!)Symptoms: Early stage AIDS-Some appear healthy,some loose appetite and weight,diarrhoea,night sweats and flu-like symptomsAdvanced stage AIDS-Normal infections a healthy body should be able to resist set in^Pneumonia^Tubercolosis^Brain infection^Kaposi sarcoma(cancer of blood vessels)Treatment:Sorry,no cure!(as of 2010)There are only drugs that prolong and improve the quality of life of infected people.

Avoiding STIs/STDs:Abstain from sex.If not,do so with only one person:your spouse!Sharing of needles and syringes=NO!Go for blood screening before donating blood and pregnancyABC-Abstain-Be faithful-use of Condoms

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