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Biography Timeline ITE 410

1993: Caught reading on the toilet!

Born: 1989 at Kapiolani Hospital



2002: Competed in my first kumite and won; just like Daniel -San

1999: My Father passed down to me the Original style of his fathers, fathers Cebuano style of Martial Arts - Doce Pares Escrime

1998: Began my lifelong journey in our family's Martial Arts School - Abregana Self Defense Institute

2004 - 2006Rebellious Child

OMG this book is amazing!



2007Homeless - slept at friends homes

2010: Finally was able to know truthfully that I was of Hawaiian Ethnicticity2011: Began taking courses to change my life2014: Graduated from Leeward C.C. With a Liberal Arts Degree2015: Living this dream of attending a higher education institutionalized school

1997: Learned that I was adopted and my parents are not my actual parents


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