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Biography on Fred Hollows

Fred Hollows and Gabi O'Sullivan with their kids

Fred Hollows moved from New Zealand to Autralia in 1965

Fredric Cossom Hollows (Fred Hollows) was born on April 9, 1929 in Dunedin, New Zealand. He was one in four children born to Joseph and Claire (Marshall) Hollows. His siblings were Colin, John and Maurice Hollows. He married twice to Mary Skiller (1958-1975) and to Gabi O'Sullivan which lead to his 7 kids. Fred grew up in Dunedin, New Zealand for his first 7 years and went to North East Valley Primary School. When he was 13, Fred attended Palmerston North Boy's High School in the North Island of New Zealand. When Hollows left Palmerston North Boy's High School he went to the Victotian University of Wellington. A year later, Fred took a holiday job in a metal health hospital and Fred said he came back ''a very changed character''. He had done a term at a medical school assisting eye surgeons at Auckland Public Hospital for his job after graduating. His second job was at Tauranga. He tried to assist as much as posible with the eye surgeons to see all their cases and to take notes. Fred then moved to England to study for a diploma at the Morrfields Eye Hospital Institute of Ophthamology.. Then in 1965, Hollows decided to move to Australia to become Associate Professor of Ophthamology at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney. He chaired the ophthamology division overseeing the teaching department at the UNSW, the Prince of Wales Hospital and the Prince Henery Hospital.

Biography on Fred Hollows

Fred Hollows was invited to attend an 'Aboriginal Legal Service Meeting' and was asked if he could set up a medical eye service for Aboriginal people. The medical service opened in 1971 and soon after the had more volunteers that they could handle. With the medical service, Fred gave 62 000 Aboriginal people and eye test, 27 000 people got treated for trachoma and 1 000 people had an operation. In 1981 Fred recieved the Advance Australia Award for Aboriginal eye care and in 1990 he was awarded the Australian of the Year. In 1992, 5 months before he died, Fred created the Fred Hollows Foundation.

Fred Hollows is testing an Aboriginalman's eyes

Author: Meila Clark

Fred Hollows face on a one dollar coin

On the 10th of Febuary 1993, Fred Hollows died from cancer when he was only 63. After he died his work was still recognised and he recived the Hall of Fame status at the inaguaral NSW Aboringinal Health Awards in 2004. Almost 20 years after his death his picture was put on the $1 coin in 2010. He had said ''I have been lucky in the time I've been alive at times when the things I've wanted to to were capable of being done''. After he moved to Australia, Fred Hollows made a big impact by helping all those 62 000 plus people with their eyes. He would be an outstanding role model to anyone wanting to make a difference to anywhere in the world.

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