Biography of Nathaniel Hawthorne

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Biography of Nathaniel Hawthorne

Nathaniel Hawthorne

Directions: there are three links on this glog. Please click the link to each website or article and answer the questions associated with each text.

Click to read my biography.

1) What are three important facts that you learned about Hawthorne?2) What was his views on the transcendentalists? How do you think this view will affect his writing?3) What are two of the jobs that Hawthorne had besides being an author? How do you think these jobs will affect his writing?

Biography questions

Click to read about Hawthorne's wife and family.

1) What was Hawthorne's view on women based on his actions towards his wife? What about in his novels? How do these views differ from each other?2) What was Sophia Peabody's occupation and how did it affect Hawthorne's writing?

Click to read quotes from the novel.

Directions: choose a quote from the novel from the website that you have been linked to and write down your quote exactly how it appeared on the website. Then write a short paragraph about your chosen quote and answer the following questions:1) What does your quote foreshadow? If so, what does it foreshadow? If not, then why do you believe it does not foreshadow anything?2) What tone does your quote set for the novel?



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