Biography of John A MacDonald

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Biography of John A MacDonald

Sir John A. MacDonald

In the 1860s, MacDonald was a key contributor to the major conferences surrounding the idea of Confederation, and was the leader of the delegation from the Canada's. Due to his role as one of the key figures, he would easily be elected as Canada's First Pime Minister in the summer election of 1867.

Elected Prime Minister of Canada in 1867, and served 6 mandates as Prime Minister for a total of 18 years, 359 days in office.

Was Married twice. His first wife Isabella gave him 2 children, John Alexander who died at 13 months, and Hugh John, who would survive to adulthood. Isabella died in 1857. He married his second wife Agnes in 1867, and had 1 child Mary, who was born severely handicapped.

Following the birth of Mary, John A MacDonald became very distraught and was not sure he could care for his daughter. He began to drink heavily, and became an alcholic. He won his final election in 1891, and died in office on June 6, 1891 at age 76.



Lasting Impact

Sir John A. MacDonald was the first Prime Minister of the new Dominion of Canada, taking office on July 1, 1867. His government was responsible for the creation of the Tran-Canada Railroad, which allowed for British Columbia to join Canada, and ensured that Canada could settle the west in the years to come. The Railroad was also his downfall, as he and other Ministers were found to be taking bribes from the railroad, and he was forced to resign in a shroud of scandel.


Birth & Death

- First Prime Minister of Canada- Purchased Rupert's Land for Canada to incresase size of the country-Was an advocate of Women's RIghts-Oversaw the Creation of the Trans-Canada Railroad-Helped to Create a National Policy based on the Trans-Canada Railroad, immigration to settle the west, and using Eastern Supplies to farm the West, so the west could sell food stuffs to the East

Born: Jan. 11, 1815 , Glasgow, ScotlandDied: June 6, 1891 in Ottawa, Ontario


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