Biography of Francis Fauquier

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Biography of Francis Fauquier

Meet: Francis FauquierBy: Rowan Burton

-I was married. My spouse was Catherine Dalston. We married around 1730.-I had two sons. There names were not recorded.-I was the lieutenant governor of Virginia for 10 years from 1758 - 1768.-I showed leadership during the Stamp Act crisis-I tried to defend against Indian Raids.-I provided for my slaves in my will.


Daily Life

-I am an Earl. -My identity is Gentry. -I always look nice because I wear the finest clothes. -I'm royalty.-I ate the finest food cooked by my slaves. I ate things like bread and squirrel. YUM!

Interesting Facts

Birth & Death

I was born around 1700, baptized in 1703, and died in 1768. This means I lived to be about 68 years old. I grew up in London, and then moved to Virginia.

-I knew Thomas Jefferson as a college student.-I was very busy with political matters such as working with colonials and English merchants on the issue of paper currency.-My father worked for Sir Isaac Newton.

Map of Virginia

Colonial Home

Colonial Food

Stamp Act Crisis

Sir Isac Newton

George Washington



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