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[2017] Alyssa Mendoza: Biography Glog

Steve Jobs

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What was some of Steve Jobs career highlights? Did you know that Steve's first computer was made in a garage. When steve worked for apple, he wanted John Sculley to work with him (head of pepsi-cola). Then later John joined apple. But in 1985 Steve left apple and started his own business in 1985. His business was called NeXT.

How was steve Jobs childhood? Steve was born in 1955,February 24. He was adopted by Clara and Paul Jobs. Steve graduated from homestead high school in 1972. Then he got into Reed College in Portland,Oregon. He dropped out the first semester.




I have learned that Steve Jobs is a genius. I also learned that a lot of people didn't believe in him at first. But now I think why did people not believe in him. If it wasn't for steve jobs we all wouldn't have phones and ipads and computers. What would we do?

*Jobs mother passed away in 1986*His friend is Steve *Steves first computer was made in a garage*Worked for Pixar*Started company called next*Steve was adopted

Growing up around technology. Steve Jobs met Steve Wozniak while in high school. In 1976, they started Apple Computers in the Jobs' family garage. After Apple forced Jobs to resign in 1985, he started neXT Inc. He also worked for PIxar. Jobs returned to Apple and oversaw the development of amazing products like the iPhone and iPad. Jobs died of cancer in 2011.

Pollack, Pam, and Meg Belviso. New York: Grosset and Dunlap, 2012. Print. Who Was?

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