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biografia 01

My name is JERSON GUATIVA, I was born on March 20, 1999 in the clinic of the West, lived all my childhood in Santa Librada in a neighborhood called the andrea, study my primary private school INSTITUTE SUSANA WESLEY where curse to grade 6.In 2010 we moved to the neighborhood housing the orchard where I spent studying in SAN JOSE DE CASTILLA school district in which curse to grade 8. in the course of two years my mother bought a house together with my stepfather in the neighborhood tintal took three years living there and now ISABEL II study in which devido grade 10 course that in 2013 lost a ninth.


Jerson Guativa

in 2014 adopted a beautiful dog which is called Rocky, and has 1 year and 3 months and has lived with me a year ago Rocky was rescued in a very bad state where it is believed that ivan to use as bait for dogs fight.rocky pitbull breed is considered a totally loving breed!Rocky is a pure athlete, he does what is called pit-sport, exactly August 23, 2015 I stay in 3rd place in the long jump which is very good! the scale and also his personal record is 3 meters



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