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Did You Know!There is still 86 percent of our existing species which have not yet been discovered. The earliest evidence of life on earth was around 3.5 billion years ago. The earth is about 4.5 billion years old.

stop leting biodiversity die!Biodiversity has been geting smaller and smaller over the last few years. I want to encourige people to make more Biodiversity.

Biodiversity is a variety of living things on earth!

What I have learnt!This term I have learnt that plants and animals which are living things are called biodiversity. Lots of animals and plants are starting to become extinct because we aren’t respecting our environment as well as we can.

Lets help!Some people have been helping our Biodiversity by watering there plants with reuseable water and donating to couses that help save endangered animals.

Biodiversity!Biodiversity is the variety of living things on earth. Land biodiversity is mainly near the equator of our earth because of the warm c limate whilst marine biodiversity is highest along the coast of the Western Pacific where the sea temperature is high.

loging!We can help our wonderful biodiversity by stopping il legal loging which mens that there will be less and less biodiversity.

Ways to help Biodiversity!*donate to chareties that help save biodiversity*stop choping down trees*don't kill animals just to get fur*you can grow your own plants*walk short distances instead of drive a car*recycle old things instead of put it in the bin*put rubbish in the bin

Bible!if you ask the anbimals they will teach you. this some writing from the bible in my classroom.

Stewardship!We can care for our earth by using our wonderful resources responsibly.


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