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BIodiversity By: Jenna French

What Is It?Biodiversity is the variety of different living things on Earth on every level.

How It's Being Preserved:Gaining More Knowledge: Learn more about the importance Investing In Protected Areas: National Parks.. Design Better Products: Reduce Harmful Meat Production:

Species Diversity:

Genetic Diversity:

Ecosystem Diversity:

Genetic diversity measures the genetic makeup of a species.

Species diversity measures the diversity in an ecological community.

Ecosystem diversity measures the number of ecosystems in a certain place.

Importance:Medical Reasons: New medicines could still be foundFood: Provides foodFuture Resources:Could still be more resourcesProvides Homes: Homes for different species and some people

What Can Each Individual Do?Each Individual can learn more about how we need biodiversity and they can give money to places to help save and revive things that have died and help the damage that has been done.

Threats:Over-hunting- Large cause of extinctionDeforestation- Ruins homes for speciesPollution- Contaminates habitatsClimate Change- Harder for animals to adjust

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