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Energy & Environment

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“Let the earth bring forth living creatures of every kind: cattle and creeping things and wild animals of the earth of every kind.”Genesis 1This piece of scripture relates to my topic because biodiversity is a part of animals because they are living things. That's what biodiversity is all about, living things.

5 tips to sustain biodiversity:1. Only use recycled paper.2. Don’t always chose to cut down your backyard tree/s.3. Don’t always buy new clothes.4. Don’t buy lots of stuff when you don’t need them.5. Help WWF stop people from killing animals.

Biodiversity is explored at three levels,

How can we be stewards of God's creation in this resource?

Save biodiversity!

Species diversity

Disturbances in biodiversity: This means what humans are doing to our planet. Such as: People stopping things growing. People kill animals for clothes.People kill plants because they are pesky and a pain to look after.People cut down trees and some animals can’t survive without them.Some animals are getting extinct because of us and other animals.

Ecosystem diversity

Genetic diversity

We can stop killing animals and cutting down trees, because the domino effect won’t last forever. The domino effect is how animals rely on each other but if one dies they all die. This is why we need to look after our planet and everything on it.

What do they all mean?

Species diversity:Means: number of species in an environmentEcosystem diversity:Means: the different ecosystems in the given place.Genetic diversity:Means: the different ecosystems in the given place.

by Sophie Gorr

Biodiversity meaning: diversity among plant and animal species in an environment.meaning of stewardship: People who look after god's earth and care for everything on it.

Video of Island

Video of earth from space

Video of great barrier reef

Video of Uluru


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