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The best known examples of extinct animals are the dinosaurs.Why did they become extinct? There are of course many theories. Perhaps an asteroid hit the Earth throwing dust and rubble into the air. This would have caused an ice age that would have killed the dinosaurs.Another theory is that mammals began to take over. Perhaps mammals were better hunters and destroyed dinosaurs eggs.See these and other theories at

Crocodiles - the great survivorsNot all dinosaurs died out. Crocodiles are giant reptiles descended from dinosaurs.How have they managed to survive? It is probably because they live mainly in water and their environment has not changed much in millions of years.

Why do animals become extinct?There are two main reasons.Firstly, their habitat- the environment they live in - might change or be destroyed. Humans are now destroying the habitats of lots of species.Secondly, they might be hunted and killed. This happened to the dodo and might well happen to tigers and the white rhinoceros

The dodo was a big flightless bird that lived on the island of Mauritius. It had no natural predators until man came along. European explorers discovered it in 1598. It showed no fear of humans and so was easy to catch and kill. In 1681 the last dodo was killed. The only dod you'll now see is a stuffed one in a museum.

But does it matter if animals become extinct?Yes of course it does for several reasons.1.

Amazing animals - some lost for ever!

Why aren't triops extinct?Again it is because of their habitat. They live in rain puddles that no predator lives in. They can survive as dormant eggs for years if no rains come.

Look below at animals at risk of extinction. Can you identify them all?


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